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Hi, my name is Jennifer B Jacobs, a 40 something gal who has just been transplanted once again, this time a second time in Greenville, NC  after time in Knoxville, TN. I hope to return somewhere in the Northeast someday, but after a harrowing experience in Storrs, CT this past spring/summer (that was the most expensive "vacation" ever!), I think I will wait till NYC/NJ is the destination! I love to collect and edit and provide dvds and tapes of sports, movies, tv, soaps, specials, concerts, etc. I think I love to move to different states as much as I love to collect tapes! You can also reach me on facebook and myspace, and I am trying to get my ioffer site back up. In addition, there is some good news, albeit hopefully! After initiating a legal proceeding and contacting Knoxville TV networks and enduring more than a month and a half of garbage from the PODS people, I am finally getting my stuff back on October 1, 2010. But whether my things are okay and viable is another story! We'll see! If so, I am back in business in the dvd/tape industry! At the very least, I will be able to watch all of my stuff and read some books and listen to some music again. Plus, having utensils, towels and sheets, and some tables and chairs will go a long way to making me a happy girl. That and my baseball cards!!! Boy do I miss my collections!

I am obsessed with Directv, HD, Netflix, MLB EI, and love movies, music, reading, traveling, guinea pigs, Jason Giambi, and yes, my NY Yankees. Heck, anything NY I love; well, except the Mets, Nets, and Jets. Ok, JK! I love maps, computers, and my HD tv. I love Directv. hehe Love Netflix, movie trailer websites, imdb, ioffer, and so many fun sites. Love collecting memorabilia, esp. MLB cards and posters and such. Take a look at my site. It's not too much now, but in the coming weeks and months, I hope to get some blogs, movie reviews, chats, keep updating my lists for dvds/vhs, and add pictures of who and what I love. Suggestions are welcome, as long as they are not nasty. Trolls need not apply, and guess what, not too interested in those from that NYY forum either. How could such a wonderful baseball team have such lowlifes on their board? MLB.com you should be ashamed!

As some of you may know, three years ago, I officially became an orphan. :-(

And, as with my facebook and myspace pages, I hereby dedicate this page and all of the contents therein to my parental units, who are watching over me in the sky: Marshall W Jacobs, my papa, who passed away on October 11, 2007, at the age of 74, and Joyce G Jacobs, my mama, who passed away on March 7, 2005 at the age of 71. Please keep them in your thoughts as you get used to my wackiness! :-)


L'Shanah Tovah to all, and thank you for visiting my site! :)

Updated: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2010



Person About Town

L'Shanah Tovah! Happy Jewish New Year 5771! 


Good news! Dr. Lee Toderick came through his MI okay, and his heart is doing just fine. After a massive bypass surgery and some "forced" rest, he is back at Science and Technology, and we are happy to have him back!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. George C. Wang (Construction Management) and his family at this time, as his father passed away, at age 80, of cancer. Dr. Wang is a sweet man and we wish him well and hope he comes back to the offices soon.


Keep Marshall W Jacobs in your memories. Three years ago on October 11, my papa passed away. I miss my mom (Joyce G Jacobs) and dad everyday, and look at their pictures and have funny memories all of the time. Great people who have contributed to society in such positive ways should never be forgotten!

Also on October 11, in 2006, MLB player Cory Lidle, passed away when his private plane accidentally hit a building in the Upper East Side in NYC. A shocking and sad loss to the baseball world and to his family.


Shout out to Chase Merkley, who is surely now on his way to stardom, tearing up Sundance. If you're ever on You Tube, make sure you check out his short films! He is a rising young filmmaker, and I can't wait to see what he is up to next!


Henry Winkler Honors the Late Tom Bosley October 21, 2010 Gary Fackler --  Winkler, who co-starred with Tom Bosley in the 70s hit sit-com, 'Happy Days,' has become the latest actor to honor Bosley, who died Tuesday at 83.Mr. Winkler played 'The Fonz,' the macho biker with the big heart and the foil for Bosley, who played Howard Cunningham, a mild-mannered father figure who served as an iconic anchor for the series during its 10-year run.Winkler told TMZ.com that "I saw him before I ever got to Hollywood or Broadway. He was a true artist. A great husband, and a fabulous father and grandfather. He will never be forgotten."

Partial List of Inventory

This is a VERY ROUGH version. I don't even have an eighth of what I own. I am going to be updating daily. Keep trying back! Any questions, requests, or something you don't see here? ASK! Don't be shy!Go to individual links on left hand side and click for details as I update them.


UPDATE:Friday, October 22, 2010

I will be updating my games, movies, and shows whenever I get my stuff back from the infamous "PODS, and assuming it is all okay."  I had been loading a ton of games and shows into my LOTUS SYMPHONY program, a slow-loading program until my "situation." Check back in the hopefully VERY near future to see a lot more sporting events and tv shows and specials! I have been finding some great stuff of mine! I hope by early or late fall at the latest. NOTE: My PODS finally arrived this month, and I slowly will be going through everything. I am so excited to have my stuff back. So far, so good!!! I will be adding some 2009 and 2010 listings, as well as many older listings that never got into the inventory due to the move!


Complete NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA (FB, BKB, Hockey), Olympic Hockey, Movies, TV Shows, Awards Shows, Concerts, Specials, Other on DVD and/or VHS! Come see my outrageously HUGE inventory! Each Week I will add more games to the list you will see. Please ask for games and movies and shows and I will let you know! Superbowls, World Series Games, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, NCAA Championships, Bowl Games, NIT, WBC Games, Hit Movies, Hard to find titles, old and new tv shows, music and comedy concerts, Olympic Hockey Games and Champs, Figure Skating, Soap Operas like GH, GH: Night Shift, DOOL, ATWT, GL, OLTL, AMC, EON, SFT, Santa Barbara, AW, Sunset Beach, PC and more! Uncut hit shows like Dexter, True Blood, United States of Tara, Tudors, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, In Treatment, Human Nature, and old shows you loved and miss from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s and even highlight shows from each sport! Contact me for more details and requests! Keep checking for new listings every few days!

Articles & Columns

I Will be updating this section over the weekend! :-)  


News & Notes

The "happy" (yeah, right!) New Year came and went (waaaa). Now if only the Steelers can hold on till Big Ben's return and Tom Brady can cut that hideous haircut off, things might be good. I have finally been enjoying Michigan football again with the emergence of Denard Robinson, a.k.a. Shoelace. Now that Mark Ingram is back and rushing all over the place for Alabama, they look even stronger. I am thrilled! 

BURN NOTICE will be back this November, and DEXTER is back in full swing on Sunday nights! Julia Stiles looks to be a real pistol and foil to Dexter as the very DAMAGED Lumen, slated for 10 episodes! IN TREATMENT shows the doctor is in on October 25 and 26 for all new patients, and Amy Ryan as a new therapist! The adorable Christopher Chance, the dashing criminal turned hero of HUMAN TARGET returns November 17 after a delay. The UNITED STATES OF TARA, ROYAL PAINS will return in January 2011, while IN PLAIN SIGHT, L&O: CRIMINAL INTENT return early 2011. I sadly have to wait till next summer for TRUE BLOOD season 4 (a fairie? That's F'In LAME!) and also COVERT AFFAIRS. After upheaval on L&O:CI, Vincent D'onofrio is back as Goren! They tried to phase him out many times; first with Christopher Noth (returning to the L&O franchise as Det. Mikey Logan), and then the quirky Jeff Goldblum. But Goren and D'onofrio's style still resonates with fans. Hopefully Eames (Katherine Erbe) will return as well. While I like both Connie and Saffron normally, they were somewhat flat in the show. I love Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio scores, and I hope they give her meatier material, though I totally miss Eric Bogosian! L&O: SVU is back with all new episodes, moved to Wednesday nights, served by a lead-in from the latest in the L&) franchise - L&O: LOS ANGELES. I thought I was gonna hate it, but the nights in which Alfred Molina is on, it is great. I love Terrence Howard, but so far his character isn't as charismatic or fleshed out as much as is Molina's. Skeet Ulrich is actually pleasantly surprising and good as a pensive detective/surfer. That sounded weird.



Coming Attractions: 

New Movie Releases 


I am totally in mourning with the next James Bond installment since it is on hold indefinitely due to MGM's financial woes. I really was caught up in Quantam of Solace and I think I've watched Casino Royale about a zillion times already!


In the meantime, Horror is back! My guy, Wes Craven, has taken on the world of 3-D with his return to directing after a long absence with the release of MY SOUL TO TAKE. A serial killer is on the loose and is getting to the community's kids. Somewhat Nightmare on Elm Streetish, but looks kind of cool. Freddy in 3-D, especially with Robert Englund, would have been outstanding! LOL


Also out is the American remake of the Swedish hit, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. This version, LET ME IN looks spooky, but kid vampires? We'll see! hehe I think vampires have been represented now by every age group, except the elderly. Unless you really think about how old they are anyway...With LET ME IN/LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, the TWILIGHT Saga, and TRUE BLOOD, we've got you covered (in blood!). Can't wait for the next installment of TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN which is in 2 parts: part one is a YEAR away (November 18, 2011) and part two is light years away, tentatively November 16, 2012! Oy vey! thank goodness for Bill and Sookie!


If that's not enough, try CASE 39, a thriller with Renee Zellwegger, Bradley Cooper, the delicious Ian McShane, the so-underrated Adrian Lester, Callum Keith Rennie (terrific!), Kerry O'Malley (awesome!), Cynthia Stevenson (I still can't get that image of the turkey getting thrown on her in HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!), and the amazing little Jodelle Ferland (takes creepy kid to a WHOLE new level!!!), who just turned 16! She plays much younger in the movie, but she does a fantastic job. You will NEVER look at OVENS the same way again. LOL


Then there's Paranormal Activity 2, with a tight-lipped cast and crew, keeping the plot underwraps. Can't wait! Go German Shepherd go! The newest leaks and stills look creepy! It opens on Oct. 22.



Then there's action-y/horror in the form of Alice, as she returns to battle some more zombies, this time in 3-D in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE. This fourth installment should be bloody good in 3-D!


If you don't do horror, and you like action and Bruce Willis (well I DO!!!), look for RED.  It stars Bruce-i-nator, and an Oscar-laden merry band of Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, the always hilarious John Malkovich, the outrageously wonderful Karl Urban, James Remar, Richard Dreyfuss, Mary-Louise Parker, Ernest Borgnine, and Julian McMahon. The cast alone is fine with me, even if the movie ends up sucky!




Thank goodness for episodes of my favorite shows and the endurance of one of my personal faves General Hospital. It's great to catch up with awesome supercouple of Jason and Sam each day and can't wait till they finally make room for Matt and Maxie...who needs Brenda and the Balkan? Between her low-talking, whispery, squeaky voice and horrible acting, this story is a BORE! I know there are a zillion Brenda and Sonny fans, but she is a whiny brat. I wish Jason would just shoot the wench...And if I am subjected to one more syrupy Dante and Lulu scene, I may hurl! As it is I want to punch Carly and ESPECIALLY the insipid Jax everyday along with Johnny and Olivia! On the other hand, DAYS is getting back to being great each day, though its stories are CRAWLING at a snail's pace. Sprinkling vets with younguns, they seem to have the right mix. Plus storylines with people like Vivian and Brady right now, along with Carly/Chloe/Daniel and the always entertaining Sami, Hope in prison, it is a whole new world in Salem. I miss John and Marlena and Shane and Kim, as well as Lucas, but it's been fun. 


RIP As the World Turns...September 17 marked the end of an era of P&G soaps and the town of Oakdale. Some of the stories were utterly ridiculous, but it was always nice to fall back on Jack and Carly, Craig, Margo and Tom, Holden and Lily (well Martha Byrne anyway!), Molly, Henry, Babs, Lisa, John Dixon (was great to see him back!), Bob and Kim, Katie, and Paul and Emily. We will miss ya, but I am sure you will show up somewhere again!




Witty and stern Brit Victoria Stilwell will keep your pet in line in Animal Planet's sometimes hilarious series IT'S ME OR THE DOG and see what's wrong with crazy pets ranging from a stubborn goat to a parrot on the warpath in BARKING MAD. This past year, Victoria was let off the leash when she invaded the dogs of the grand old USA! I cracked up to see how she whipped those poor pooches and their spoiled owners into shape in America! She does wonders for crazy barkers in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland! One dog opened the stove, and then a drawer, and then stepped up like stairs to get onto the top of the counter to find food; then he opened the fridge several times to take food out for himself when his "parents" were away at work! If that isn't enough for you, check out K-9 COPS, K9to5, Good Dog U, and Breed All About It when they return! A great look at the loyalty and dedication of St. Paul's Elite K9 Unit with 21 kick ass German Shepherds who keep the streets in order. They really do kick ass. These are tough, cool dogs that put themselves in harm's way and keep Minnesota's crime rate way down...hehe If that's not enough, there's always DOGS 101, CATS 101, PET STAR, ANIMAL HOARDING, WILD KINGDOM, and a variety of dog competitions and other animal fun shows. Anytime you can learn more about fantastic animals such as Lions, Hyenas, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, Alligators, Polar Bears, Honey (Black) Bears, and Grizzly Bears, you are in luck. Check out some pandas, leopards, zebras, Moose, lynx, and other fascinating creatures on AP. 



If FBI cases, forensics, pathology, and serial killers get YOUR goat, ID DISCOVERY channel has loads of shows like DATELINE, FBI FILES, DERANGED, DEADLY WOMEN, WICKED ATTRACTIONS, EXTREME FORENSICS, MOST EVIL, and 48 HOURS: HARD EVIDENCE.


Miss your soaps during the week or hate those pesky news cut-ins that interrupt your storylines? Check out almost every soap opera on tv on SOAPNET (and the aforementioned hulu.com) as they replay the day's episodes and replay the entire week on Saturday and Sunday. Never miss a minute of Sonny's mob dealings, great supercouples like Jason&Sam, Bo&Hope, and all the others on GH and DOOL. Even after nearly 30 years, I'll still take Luke and Laura on the original anyday.


Bobby and Alex came back for new episodes of L&O: CRIMINAL INTENT on USA, and they brought the terrific and quirky Jeff Goldblum along for the ride to replace the adorable Christopher Noth. But nothing's better than the original, so Bobby is back come 2011! Look for Vincent D'onofrio to light up the screen again!


KING HENRY ended his controversial reign over progressive England in Season 4 of The Tudors and his bloody footsteps with new paramour Jane in the aftermath of Queen Anne's lost noggin and conspiracies from every corner of the castle. The L Word finished their long run, and vampires took over tv with TRUE BLOOD, and could use help from the sexiest and best "shrink" in town, Gabriel Byrne in IN TREATMENT; Maybe he should catch the kooky new UNITED STATES OF TARA with Toni Collette.


CAPTURE the big flavors from the Big Daddy in BIG DADDY'S KITCHEN as Aaron McCargo fills the kitchen with flavors and fun as Food Network's NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR from last season. Camden, NJ native Aaron invites friends over and delights his kids and family with fun recipes. After 6 eps in the fall, it came back in January 09 for a new season and again in June 09 on Food Network as well new episodes of ULTIMATE RECIPE SHOWDOWN, THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY and CHALLENGE and the NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR, that ended up crowning "home cook" Melissa D'Arabian. Or make do with crazy flaxen haired Guy Fieri in Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! If that's not enough, catch Bobby Flay do something I have always wanted to do: put Michael annoying Kay in his place on an episode of CENTERSTAGE on YES. Meanwhile, the always entertaining UNWRAPPED is joined by CHALLENGE, which has several chefs vying for a big payday in some extreme baking food challenge each week.



If you're tired of screaming over your team's fate, flip over to HGTV to find the perfect house in HOUSE HUNTERS, MY FIRST PLACE, or PROPERTY VIRGINS. Learn all about the all important inspection in HOUSE DETECTIVE, and figure out a way to get your place sold with the crazy designers in THE STAGERS. If that's not enough, in July 09 DESIGN STAR returned, even before the debut of the last DESIGN STAR winner, Jennifer from Iowa, whose pregnancy put her on hold. Hopefully not EVERY place will have those darn flower designs painted on the wall! Plus, another way to find the perfect house is displayed in SLEEP ON IT, a show featuring a bold new concept in testing out a house as families actually choose one of two houses to SLEEP in overnight to help them decide whether or not to buy. Hide your valuables!A new series, too has just premiered: Beyond the Box. It's sort of like EXTREME HOUSES, but it's still interesting. 



Till next time, folks!